Monday, August 25, 2014

Bermudagrass .... Stand up and be Recognized!

The golf course has been closed for play this week (August 18 – August 25). During this time the staff was diligently preforming necessary cultural practices. Although hot, the weather cooperated and the staff was extremely productive. The greens and tees received sand topdressing followed by solid tine aeration. 
Topdressing the practice green

Solid tine aeration 

In addition, the fairways were vertical mowed in four directions. Vertical mowing is an extremely important cultural practice for bermudagrass fairways. 
Vertical mowing #4 fairway (first direction)

Inherently bermudagrass has an extremely aggressive lateral growth habit. To provide a more upright growth pattern, which will enable the ball to “sit up” better, vertical mowing is performed. 
Bermudagrass stolons lifted by vertical mowing

Fairway vertical mowing cuts stolons (above ground runners) and pulls them to the surface. After vertical mowing, blowers and vacuums were used to remove debris. This was followed by a cut with rotary mowers, which helped “lift and cut” bermudagrass.    
Second direction of vertical mowing 

Rotary mower's being used to clean up vertical mowing 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Like a Good Neighbor … Olde Florida is there!

Earlier this year Olde Florida Golf Club entered into an agreement with Collier County to “Adopt-A-Road”. The section of road that Olde Florida "adopted", and has agreed to maintain, is the two-mile stretch of Vanderbilt Beach Road Extension east of CR 951. 

Both Collier County and the management of the club recognize and desire litter free roads, and due to the proximity of the selected road to the club, the club receives an additional benefit of maintaining a more aesthetically pleasing entrance to its property. 

The agreement requires the club to "remove litter at a minimum of once a month and whenever the appearance of the road is objectionable".         

In addition to cans and other "traditional" roadside trash, occasionally large items are discarded on the rural stretch of road leading into Olde Florida Golf Club