Saturday, July 22, 2017

Summer Update

After a very dry winter and spring, we have had an abundance of rain this summer! In June we received 22.56" at Olde Florida and we are currently over 11" in July. Even with the excessive rainfall, we have had a very productive summer!

The two most significant projects we undertook this summer, the collar renovation and bunker addition are now completed. Since my earlier blog entry on the collar renovation in May, the eradicated turfgrass was removed and new TifGrand sod installed.

Removing Eradicated Sod #4
Preparing Collar for Sod
TifGrand Sod Practice Green

#3 July 22, 2017

This week our golf course contractor, Glase Golf also completed the additional bunkers on holes 4, 6, 7, 17 and 18.  They look awesome! Photos of the completed bunkers will be provided in a subsequent blog entry.

The exact location, sizes and contours of the new bunkers were determined during a site visit from Greg Muirhead, Senior Vice President at Rees Jones, Inc.  After the bunker perimeters were established a significant amount of irrigation re-routing and relocation had to take place. Our irrigation contractor, Leibold Irrigation, Inc. completed this work in late May.

Moving 6" Mainline on 18
Constructing Green-side Bunker on 17
Adding Sand to 4 Fairway Bunker
In addition to the two significant projects, my staff have also completed the routine cultural practices. Information on aerifictaion and other cultural practices can be found in my May, 2016  cultural practices blog entry. 

Fairway Aerification June, 2017 

Fairway Vertical Mowing Clean-up June, 2017 

Greens Topdressing June, 2017
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Darren J. Davis, CGCS