Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Golf and the Environment

Playing a round of golf at Olde Florida Golf Club involves much more than just hitting golf shots and making putts. Like many golf courses, part of the experience is the interaction with the surrounding natural environment.

With only 100 acres of maintained turfgrass, on a total of 220 acres the property we manage provides habitat to countless species of wildlife. In particular, the 30 acres of ponds and shoreline, along with the 90 acres of native upland forest at Olde Florida provides habitat and food for approximately 50-75 species of birds.

In addition, we have introduced nesting structures for Purple Martins, Bluebirds and Screech Owls. The nesting structures have been very successful over the years. I have written about them several times. In March of 2018, I wrote a blog entry, Olde Florida Golf Club is "For the Birds"... Literally, not Figuratively. In the post I provided an update on the success of the Purple Martin houses behind the championship tee on hole #2. Also, in April of 2018 I posted Olde Florida Golf Club "Gives a Hoot". In this entry I detailed the successful Screech Owl program we have established.

I am pleased to report that in 2019 we are equally successful in assisting Purple Martins and Screech Owls fledge their young. As of the last week of April, three of our Screech Owl boxes are being  utilized. Combined they are currently housing five eggs and four Screech Owl hatchlings.

Clubhouse, April 2019

Hole 5, April 2019 

Hole 17, April 2019

Also, both Purple Martin houses are occupied. Currently there are a total of 8 nests with 18 eggs and 9 Purple Martin hatchlings.

Purple Martin House, April 2019

Purple Martin Hatchlings, April 2019