Friday, August 30, 2019

Collar Renovation

One of the projects completed this summer at Olde Florida Golf Club is the renovation of the collars that surround the TifEagle greens. The turfgrass that was selected for the new collar is TifGrand. Released by the University of Georgia, the variety has numerous positive attributes including a semi-dwarf growth habit, dark green color, and it can withstand numerous environmental stresses including shade and heavy traffic. This is a link to additional information on TifGrand Bermudagrass.

The eradication of the existing collars began in early May using research performed over several decades by top university researchers. The process involves multiple, very specific applications of non-selective herbicides over an extended period. This is a link to the Bermudagrass Eradication Research.

The collar on #11 green prior to eradication.
A 48" swath has been marked for the initial herbicide application 

The collar on 11 green prior to eradication.
A 48" swath has been marked for the initial herbicide application

After three applications, over a four-month period, the dead turfgrass was cut with a walk behind sod cutter at the deepest setting (approximately 2 1/2"). The dead turfgrass and thatch was removed and a small walk-behind rototiller was utilized to loosen the subsurface. Greensmix (sand and peat mixture) was added and compacted.

The TifGrand sod used on the collars was harvested from our supplier in Adel, Georgia Pike Creek Turf.  I personally inspected the TifGrand field at Pike Creek Turf earlier in the summer.

Pike Creek Turf is also a grower of TifTuf, which is the variety we used this summer to grass several tees at Olde Florida. Therefore, while I was at the farm I also inspected the TifTuf field. On the same trip I made a visit to a golf course in nearby Tallahassee, Florida that was in the process of a complete rebuild/renovation. They had chosen TifTuf for everything except the greens.

This is a link to a previous blog entry that I published about the renovation of the tees at Olde Florida to TifTuf Bermudagrass.

After the TifGrand instalation, the sod was hand watered numerous times. The Toro Hydroject and vibratory tamp were also used to smooth the surface. Seven days after installation, a walk-behind reel mower was used to cut the new collar at .650". The mower was lowered each subsequent day and the current height of cut on the collars is .400". We will continue to Hydroject weekly, and mow daily until the desired height of cut is achieved.

This is a link to the vibratory tamp being used on the collar on #4 green Vibratory Tamp Video.

The Toro Hydroject being used on the collar of #15 green.
A Hydroject injects high pressure water into narrow channels.
The process increases rooting and smooths the surface. 
The initial cut on the TifGrand collar at the practice putting green.

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